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Jeanne is the type of mom and business woman that I’m endlessly inspired by. Not only does she love motherhood and is truly one of the best moms I know. She also adores her career as a blogger, and entrepreneur and puts everything into whatever she is currently working on. And on top of all that, one of the things I admire most about Jeanne is how supportive and kind she is to other women and moms. She’s always willing to offer advice or help with a project. She even co-created a facebook support/networking group for moms in the Bay Area, which I often find invaluable. Especially in this day in age when most moms are trying to juggle it all and find balance in motherhood, mom’s like Jeanne are such a great example that we often can’t do it alone and the communities we build are so important for not only parents but our children. Below I chat more with Jeanne about motherhood, blogging and a new, very exciting project on the horizon. And don't forget to check out Jeanne's curated collection of Bitte favorites here.

Your blog Shop Sweet Things is so fun and inviting, how did the idea for the blog come about?

After I decided to stay home with my first born (about 5 years ago), I was looking into starting something on my own. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but came across learning blogs as a creative outlet that can potentially become a business. I decided to give it a try. The first thing I learned about blogging was to write about your passion, and “shopping”, as cliche as it sounded, was exactly what I loved doing. I was working in interior design and luxury retail prior to my blog so I’ve always been a design enthusiast and loved discovering products with style and quality. And hence, that’s how Shop Sweet Things started. Since then, it has evolved to a lifestyle blog where I also get to share my life as a mom with two beautiful girls.

We especially love your playdate series, how did you come up with the idea and what have been some of your favorites?

I’ve been really lucky that I got to surround myself with a lot of like-minded and ambitious moms. The idea really came up when I met up with photographer-cool-mom, Eva Kolenko. At the time, we both had a 5 month-old baby and we brainstormed a few ideas together on how we can collaborate. One of the ideas was to shoot incredible mamas that I know! I love connecting in person anyway, so I thought doing a Playdate series would give me the perfect excuse to combine work with play. I get to spend time with my kids and friends, and at the same time, create quality and meaningful content for the blog. I also wanted this series to show how everyday women make it happen with children. I think the big assumption about being a mother is that once you have a baby, the world comes to an end. I want to show that motherhood is, more often than not, very rewarding and it makes us a stronger woman.

It’s hard to nail down my favorites because every mom I spotlighted have been a true inspiration to me. If I really have to pick, I would go back to my first playdate because Hadley was only 5 months old then and she was the reason why this whole series started!

I also can’t get enough of your instagram posts with you and your 2 adorable daughters. You are always so stylish! How has being a mom influenced your style?

Aww, thank you! Believe it or not, I shop a lot less after becoming a mom. I’m much more intentional of what I purchase, especially clothes. Since I’m around my kids a lot, I need my outfits to be very comfortable yet it can hold up after many washes. That said, when I do shop, I find myself investing in quality basics as well as statement accessories, bags, and stylish, comfortable shoes!

Your girls always have the cutest outfits, who do you enjoy shopping for more, them or you? And do they still let you dress them?

I love shopping for my two girls! I’m that mom who buys everything in pairs. Lucky for me, they still let me pick their clothes so I still enjoy doing the shopping for all of us.

In addition to Show Sweet Things you are working on a new business with your cousin called Harlow & Grey. Can you tell us a little bit more about this new project?

Yes! Harlow & Grey is a new partyware line I’m starting with my cousin, Gloria Wong Tritasavit.

She’s a talented wedding/event designer, and we decided to start a new venture together on designing our own party supplies for kids and grown-ups. Our designs will mostly be concept-driven with the hope of elevating the art of entertaining and everyday gathering. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’re really excited about this project and are looking to launch in spring 2016. If you’re interested in our launch surprises, be sure to sign up with us! :)


You are always doing so much, what is the hardest thing about juggling work and kids?
Since I’m self-employed  and am also trying to start a new business, I think the hardest part for me is to not feel guilty about choosing work over my kids. It’s a luxury that I get to work for myself, yet I also struggle with the guilt that I should be spending more time with them.

Thankfully, my mom lives nearby and she helps me a lot with my kids, so they get a lot of time with the grandparents. As soon as my kids and husband get home, I stay off of my computer.

And what is your favorite thing to do when you get a whole day to just hang out with your family?

We love taking the kids to parks and let them run wild. Our favorite is the de Young in Golden Gate Park. They would blow bubbles and chase birds and I get to take a lot of cute Instagrams. :)

Thank you for sharing with us Jeanne! We can't wait to check out Harlow & Grey when it launches! Check out Jeanne's Bitte favorites here.


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