Arsene et les Pipelettes bears an atmosphere of youthful leisure, walks in the woods and holidays at the beach. Designer Chloé de Bailliencourt clearly remembers what she liked as a child and translates these memories into her designs. To her liking were swirling skirts, endless play on the beaches of the Basque coast, and moments spent with her mother hunting for an unusual object or unique toy. True treasure hunts, these searches gave her a taste for weathered objects, things that have lived, and particular materials.

From her first collection in 2005, Chloe has developed and grown the brand to today, with over 100 outlets worldwide - from Paris to Toyko to USA! Throughout this journey the birth of her three children has enriched her aesthetic, adding endless inspiration and practicality to an already stunning collection.

The recipe for Arsène et les Pipelettes is comprised of subtle harmonious colors, a nod to the past, natural refined fabrics, designs that are comfortable and easy to wear, plus a sense of humor, charm and freshness.

Arsene et les Pipelettes is a 100% French creation manufactured in Portugal.