The iconic French tennis shoe!

Originally there is a taste for style transmitted from father to son, thanks to the thrift store of Charles Bensimon, the grandfather, in Oran, Algeria. 

Then, in 1962, Simon and Emile Bensimon, (the father and uncle), create the first army surplus store in the Paris region. 

In 1978, Serge Bensimon joins them and brings his personal touch. The army surplus is good, but with a fashion twist it's even better!

That same year, they received 100,000 white gymnastic tennis shoes from the French army. These sneakers, Serge is going to dye them. After a long research and development process, he perfects a technique capable of coloring the canvas without spilling over onto the rubber! Paf, inspired by this experience, Serge imagines a new model of tennis. One of the brand's icons is born and puts all of Paris at its feet.

More than 40 years later, these entirely vegan tennies are still made in Europe from cotton canvas, metal grommets, and real rubber soles. A Classic!