EllieFunDay is a social enterprise that designs organic baby blankets and accessories that empower marginalized women through dignified employment and a fair-wage. Each blanket, bib and hat is lovingly Handcrafted for Life™ from organic cotton and fairly traded textiles.

Founder and designer, Sarah Y. Lin always dreamed about creating a product that married her love for good design with social need. She dreamed of creating a product that would empower the economically disadvantaged, but also one that was something she dearly loved. And this led her back to her beloved baby blanket. It's one of those stories where whenever her mom washed it and hung it out to dry, she’d stand outside by the clothesline grasping a corner of the blankie, waiting to reclaim it.

Lin spent 2 years traveling to India vetting all the right partners to make sure that they were committed to empowering the poor through creating sustainable jobs. Through these efforts she founded the nonprofit Handcrafted for Life where EllieFunDay is made.

Handcrafted for LifeTM is our non-profit organization that gives back to the training and development of marginalized communities to empower them with a fair-wage and dignified employment. A fair wage provides for both the artisans and their family; it also is an expression of respect for each woman as a global citizen. Our partners provide a safe haven for many who have suffered some form of domestic abuse, human trafficking or societal rejection. On-site clinics at the sewing units provide easy access to appropriate healthcare, ongoing education in literacy, financial management and skills-training help the women become more self-sustaining. Trained counselors provide support and a safe place for healing from crisis situations. Each EllieFunDay product holds the promise of a life improved while making your little ones more adorable than ever!