ILLUSTORIA is a print magazine for creative kids & their grownups. It celebrates visual storytelling, makers and DIY culture through stories, art, comics, interviews, crafts and activities. This high-quality, tri-annual publication is geared toward readers ages 6–12 and the young at heart.

ILLUSTORIA was founded in 2016 by its former editor-in-chief, Joanne Meiyi Chan, a longtime children’s book editor & passionate kid-lit lover, and her partner, Mark Rogero, a designer and maker. Together they created Illustoria Magazine as a high-quality print publication for creative kids & their grownups to slow down and enjoy stories, art, and activities; and as a counter to our fast-paced, digital age. Illustoria celebrates visual storytelling, makers, and DIY culture through print and beyond.   

In 2019, Illustoria Magazine became a collaboration between McSweeney’s, an independent publishing house in San Francisco, and the International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers, an informal network of organizations around the world who share the belief that young people need places where they can write and be heard and have their voices polished, published, and amplified. In every issue of Illustoria Magazine, students from these centers contribute their own writing and art and conduct interviews with the artists and others profiled in these pages. The Alliance’s goal is to get more young people published and to let readers of all ages see just how much young people have to say.

ILLUSTORIA Studio is an incubation lab for creative collaborations started by Joanne, and serves as a space for artful community & inspiration. In addition to musings on art, books, and visual storytelling, Illustoria Studio hosts events and occasional drawing and creativity prompts.