The name Kyte BABY was chosen very purposefully. Playing on the whimsical activity of flying a kite, Kyte is meant to evoke a feeling of innocence, freedom, and a return to nature. All of these ideas carry over into their core business values. Kyte BABY is a testament to timeless fun and youth, while being natural and healthy.

Founder Ying Liu’s love of babies was first sparked on her first adult job as an interpreter and tour guide for American adoption groups in China, where she would accompany groups of adoptive parents to orphanages to pick up their long-awaited babies. Nothing is more beautiful than the outpouring of love and joy on parents’ faces when they first see their new babes.

Later, she emigrated to Canada to pursue a degree in fine arts and economics and then started working for the Central Bank of Canada. But after the birth of her firstborn, she found it harder and harder to leave him to go to work. She needed a career that would allow her to be there for all the big moments in her baby’s life. So she quit her bank job and opened up a retail store selling quality baby products. As her family grew, so did her business, to five stores and five babies!

Throughout this time she began looking for solutions to her daughter’s eczema, researching fabrics that were non-irritating and would keep her skin cool. Turns out, that fabric is bamboo. Bamboo is three degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic, and luxuriously soft. As soon as Liu switched to bamboo rayon clothing and swaddles, her baby immediately stopped pulling off her clothes, and her sleep significantly improved. As an added bonus she found that bamboo is a highly sustainable resource, requiring significantly less time and water to grow, and without the need for pesticides. It fit every criteria she was looking for. It also aligned with the products she wanted to carry in her stores, but back then she could not find bamboo swaddles and infant garments in the styles that she liked...and with that, Kyte BABY was born!

Then it all came together, and she was able to create a family-owned and operated company that went all the way to sourcing. Kyte BABY has grown to include some organic cotton and linen, fabrics that continue to promote the clean and sustainable foundation that . Kyte BABY was founded upon.