Marbushka is a Hungarian artisanal workshop, creating puzzles, games and toys with the exquisitely ethereal illustrations of designer Beatrix Bohony. They do their own in-house production and design with a dedication to excellence. They pour the best of their knowledge and talents into ensuring that every piece that leaves their family-owned workshop is perfect.

The philosophy behind their designs is originality, honesty and playfulness. Their goal is to put a new twist on the meaning of children's games, and to create a fun world which children and their parents can enjoy together.

They believe that enduring quality can be achieved best through the use of natural materials and the finest craftsmanship. Marbushka was brought into being by their passion for games, and continues to be nurtured by this seed. They make games that will be treasured across many generations, not only due to their outward appearance, but for their substance and spirit as well.

Please consider that the Marbuska games are unique, design products. They are made with extra attention to detail, almost completely by hand in Hungary. They have six-language boxes (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish & Hungarian) with nine languages in the rules booklets (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish & Czech). All of their products meet the European regulations (EN-71 standard).