My Little Cozmo is bred in Barcelona, this buzzing world’s fashion capital, like their small team in this family business. They are two sisters that have built a professional career in the fabrics and patterns world. Cristina, the brand manager, with her business vision and communication skills, is the perfect match for Núria, the label founder and creative director.

The two started My Little Cozmo in 2014 to develop and explore a different and engaging fashion universe for little ones, newborn to 36 months. As a double-trouble team of mothers and businesswomen they try hard to hit the target through the very inspiration in their lives: love and intuition. And they’re proud to say “we can do it!”

MLC baby clothes are fit for the modern lifestyle of cool and casual parents and their babies. Every piece is designed with an eye for detail, for comfort, and for fresh and stylish taste. Their designs are inspired by the luminosity of the Mediterranean with a subtle minimalistic Asian touch and a fun retro-romantic feeling, but they are always deliciously charming and elegant.

Their design department may work tirelessly on new ideas to thrill loving mamas and papas, but the knowledge and experience of the model maker and couturier guarantee that every piece fits gorgeously well and is thoroughly adjusted. They take care in the manufacturing process to obtain quality products with first-rate materials. The manufacture, dyeing and washing processes give a quality product with an exquisite craft finish. Their collections are entirely made in Barcelona small textile workshops that respect European rules for employees and environmental preservation. The result is comfortably soft and exquisite clothing for all those special moments in a baby’s life.