Before the birth of her first daughter, Ouistitine co-founder Camille Pasquin Frenette wanted to create a unique and natural plush toy for her new little babe, something with a simple and pure design. She asked her mother Sylvie Pasquin, a master doll maker and seamstress to help in her creation. Together they created a sweet little monkey and Ouistitine came to life.

Ouistitine is a small Montreal business that creates handmade one of a kind plush toys, dolls and accessories. They believe that children’s toys and clothing should be made from noble, sustainable fibers that are warm and calming. They also feel that the inherent beauty in an animal is not enhanced by flashy colors, but is more charming in its primitive and natural form. They work with upcycled natural fibers - wool, cotton and linen - and all are filled with pure wool roving from New Brunswick.