Play Up, established in 2005, is a clothing brand for babies and children from 0 up to 14 years, with entirely Portuguese design and manufacturing. They are passionate about everything related to childhood and the growth process. Each collection is the product of their greatest dedication. They thoroughly study the functionality and design of each piece, search for the best, most sustainable materials, and they personally accompany all stages of production. Their main concern is to provide children with the comfort and the freedom to move effortlessly in clothing. To have the versatility to adapt to the changing moments of everyday

They are proud of our origins: they grew up in a family from the North of Portugal with a long tradition in the textile sector and have inherited all the knowledge and experience of their mentors over the past three decades.

Everything is a cycle: we depend on our planet and its resources, and nature depends on us as well. Being socially responsible and working for the common good is very important for PlayUp. They care for our children’s planet and feel that we all play an active role in it's health. They maintain a preference for the exclusive use of natural fibers and continue to integrate recycled fibers.