Founder, William Warder Norton, felt strongly that those employed at his firm ought to share in its ownership. Following his death, Norton’s stockholder’s agreement codified a system whereby the firm continues to be owned wholly by active employees. The result is that Norton’s employees answer to each other, not to outside shareholders or directors. With a shared commitment to the company at heart, they publish only what they love to publish, with a process custom-tailored to the needs of each project. This “independence by design” has now produced more than 85 years of groundbreaking “books that live.”

Whether you are a reader in search of enduring fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, a student or instructor seeking outstanding course books and digital materials, an enthusiast eager for food and lifestyle inspiration, or a professional looking for authoritative new works, you have come to the right place.

Affiliate imprints include Countryman Press, Liveright, and Norton Young Readers; and their distribution partners are Abbeville Press, Albatross, Blue Guides, Fantagraphics, George Braziller Inc, Kales Press, New Directions, Penzler, Persea Books, Pushcart Press, Thames & Hundson, Tilbury House Publishers, Tin House Books, and Well-Trained Mind Press