Wander and Wonder (W&W) is a kids’ clothing collection for curious kids who love adventure. They get excited learning about the world and experiencing different cultures through food, music, art and street life. W&W kids adore travel, whether it’s within their own country, or across the globe. They are proud of their heritage but also see the world as diverse, and like it that way. They are honest about their feelings and are not afraid to be different.

Each season, W&W explores the traditions and lifestyle of one country. Season One was inspired by the rich and multilayered culture of Africa, and this season it is Japan. 2% of all profits are given to Plan International for programs that support children within the local community.

W&W is designed by Hilda Yim of Siaomimi and Shopaholic fame. Hilda will team up with young Hong Kong fashion designer Yuk Yee who is passionate about textile and graphic design. Together, Yim and Yee will create a kid’s clothing collection inspired by the diversity of cultures around the globe and give back to the communities who inspire their designs.

Wander always, wonder often. Let the adventure begin…