Wild Wawa was founded by Peruvian mother-daughter duo, Marina and Micaella. Marina is a veteran of the children's apparel industry  with over twenty years experience, when in 2015 Micaella gave birth to a baby girl, Valentina. Little Valentina inspired the pair to start a new children’s brand that would embrace and celebrate the world renowned Pima cotton of their native Peru, as well as utilize the rich heritage of handwork of the region.

The name, Wild Wawa, is inspired by both their Peruvian heritage and their little muse Valentina. The word 'wawa' means baby in Quechua, the native language spoken in the Andean highlands of Peru. And 'wild' well, that is pretty self-explanatory and baby V was wild since day one!

At Wild Wawa they believe in bringing a touch of special to your wawa's everyday adventures. They combine the highest quality Peruvian-sourced Pima cotton, known for its supreme softness, breathability and strength, and then adding handcrafted touches that showcase the timeless beauty of artisan craft.

Everything is handmade in Lima, Peru by a small team of amazingly talented women whom Marina has had the pleasure of working with for many years. They love what they do and it shows in their workmanship - they are true creatives at heart. Also, the women have the opportunity to work from home so they can make caring for their families their number one priority.

“Our hope is that our garments are seen as heirlooms that can be passed on for generations in your families and that they are truly loved since so much love goes into making them. From the early stages of ideation and planning, to the hand-stitched details, to the construction of each piece, we pour our hearts into this little business of ours.”